Supernaid™ & Supernettle™

  • - All natural settling and flocculant aid
  • - Reduces BOD, TSS, SVI and FOG, filamentous bacteria, phosphorous and ammonia
  • - Will hold sludge blanket down during periods of infiltration
  • - Easy application
  • - Dramatically reduces sludge drying time
  • - Works better in the plant than in the jar

Supernaid™ and Supernettle™ allow our customers to meet their effluent permits consistently in their mechanical wastewater plants. It's like having someone at the plant when you can't be there.


Scoop Sludge Hog™

  • - All natural biological product
  • - Reduces BOD, TSS, Phosoporous, Ammonia, Sludge, Fats, Oils and Grease
  • - Eliminates H2S gas odors
  • - Works in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • - Cost effective - Approximately one-tenth the cost of dredging or hauling sludge
drain and oxy

Scoop Drain Opener™ and Oxy-S™

  • - Dissolves grease, paper, hair, oil and soap
  • - Breaks-up sewer sludge
  • - Flocculates mud and silt
  • - Sanitizes soil from overflow due to lift station or manhole back-up
  • - Neutralizes hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Controls corrosion & odor from build-up of hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Raises D.O. levels and controls odors in oxidation ponds
  • Petroleum-free product
  • Not an acid
  • Biodegradable
  • Meets E.P.A. guidelines
  • Easy to handle

Grease Hog™ Blocks

  • These slow-dissolving blocks gradually release beneficial bacteria for up to 30 days, depending on the amount of water flow they are exposed to. They contain a blend of beneficial bacteria that naturally eliminates problem causing organic wastes found in commercial grease traps, holding tanks and wastewater treatment systems. This formulation naturally removes FOG (fats, oils, and greases), fruit and vegetable wastes, sugars, starches and proteins. It also lowers BOD and COD.

Scoop Pond Treamtent™ Bacteria

  • - All natural biological product
  • - Reduces Nitrates, BOD, TSS, excess water column nutrients, fats, oil and grease
  • - Eliminates H2S gas odors
  • - Works in Aerobic or Anaerobic conditions

Scoop Grease Hog™

  • The continuous use of this digestant drastically reduces plumbing maintenance costs and reduces pump-out frequency, making it the ideal grease maintenance system. It utilizes the latest biological technology to keep grease traps and drain lines free from clogs and foul odors. The facultative bacteria offer greater continuous digestion while its SRT allows it to resist chlorine, disinfectants and high water temperatures. This powerful digestant also contains special enzymes that immediately break down starch and complex carbohydrates to energize the bacteria replication of our distinct bacterial strains. Unlike detergents that simply push grease into sewer lines, these bacterial strains work together to quickly and naturally degrade organic waste. This process not only eliminates greasy accumulations, but also helps eliminate obnoxious odors at the molecular level while a pleasant fragrance keeps traps and plumbing lines smelling fresh.

Scoop Cherry Tsunami™

  • Cherry Tsunami™ is a water-based odor controller designed for use in sewage plants, mains and laterals. It will not affect natural bacterial action.

Scoop Aquatic Weed Killer™

  • For lakes, ponds and drainage ditch areas to use for the killing and control of aquatic plants such as alligator weed, cattails, duckweed, etc.

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